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Sheryl Powell is a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, that includes Medical Support. She is a successful graduate from The American Academy of Hypnotherapy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her professional certification training is far more in-depth than most. She also works with an office in Ft. Meyers, Fl, partnering with Mr. Berry Cessna, CHt. Meeting and working with her clients is rewarding far beyond her expectations.There are many facets in which Hypnotherapy can be used to help make life more enjoyable. Some of our many issues are; smoking cessation, grief relief, self confidence, anxiousness, healing emotional pain, bladder control, school exams and many more. We simply want to give you your life back. Your success is our joy. Hypnotherapy is an educational and self-improvement process that facilitates access to internal resources that support people in solving problems, increasing motivation, or altering behavior patterns to create positive change. Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy.

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