ShopGoodwill Complaint

Bought a brown juicy couture logo bag on a bidding site. No problem there. Had no issues with other items arriving except this one. This site is a joke, they all scam you out of your money an dont deliver products. They call you a liar when you know the truth that they are. I was told my item was packaged with another purse in one box an that I received two purses in one box from them. Well heres the kicker. I got one purse from them solo in a box an another purse solo in a box from a different state with an item I bought. So how is it I received two purses in one box when I only got one purse from one state an one from another state. Hmmm. Something is fishy. I asked for a refund back an or the purse an thats what they told me. When I called them out on it, guess what they did. Instead of being honest about their screw up, they decided to ban me from their auctions. Well well well guess whos got the short end of the stick. ME! No purse, No refund! Pissed! Now filing a complaint with better business bureau to get my refund because I know & my witnesses know I didnt receive the purse they claim I did. So to all you folks out there. Avoid this joke of a site & stick with macari or poshmark. You will get a better deal anyways from Actuap honest sellers who wont just pocket your money. Save the headache I experienced.

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