I had worked with them since Aug. 2013. They are all very dishonest and he worked with Levine Investment Coordinators with a man named Michael Davis who is just as dishonest as John Hugo. They both work together. His phone number is 312-492-4374. I lost a total of $25, 529.00 plus all the fees of the wire transfer and faxes I sent for confirmation numbers of the transfers that I was guaranteed to be paid. I was guaranteed to be paid a total of $45,777.23 when this was all complete but my input was the 25,529.00.. I demand partial money I would accept at least what I put out. No comments

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Square Yards Consulting Complaint

Date: 4/4/15 I booked a flat in urban greek from antriksh builder in New delhi zone L in April 2015. As per the sales person from Square

Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU] Complaint

After 9 years with navy federal I had the worst customer service experience. The member “john” was rude and condescending.

anytime machanic price rite a1 moble

anytime machanic / price rite / a1 moble Paul ripoff scumbag leach las vegas Nevada!!. This guy advertises on Craigslist that he can fix

InvenTel Complaint

Called to cancel an order because it doubled my order without even knowing. When I realized and called they told me I had to wait 48.

Carmax & gap coverage

Carmax & gap coverage gap coverage does not cover in full they wait till the end and then tell you that there is still a balance