Patrick stole my money and left the job undone. After consistent efforts from our end to try reaching him, apparently Patrick feels that he is above all Law and order and cannot be touched by law and that it would not effect him.Extremely poor work ethics and Patrick has absolutely no self-consciousness. After being extremely patient with him, not only did he leave the job uncompleted, ran and stole the money but also is extremely boisterous about it. Would absolutely not recommend him or his company to anyone.. I demand Finish the job or return the money!. Stay away

  • #Patrick O’Leary
  • #Patrick O’Leary

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At a slightly higher volume, loudly singing in a taunting voice, “that girl is a tomboy”, “that girl is a tomboy&;, &

I downloaded their product to help speed up my lap top but it ruined it. Took it to a technician who told me I had been scammed.. I demand

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