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Buycheapsoftware sells adobe educational and foreign licensed software as commercial software. These licenses may be illegal to use for commercial purposes and may not be eligible for upgrades. If you are buying an educational version, buy from a certified vendor or from the company site. If you buy from Buycheapsoftware you are buying grey market software that is not legal for most purposes. If you just want illegal software, pay Buycheapsoftware for the cheapest version they sell because it is all illegal, regardless of whether it is boxed or not!

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Cheap, Low Quality, Did absolute nothing for my me and my son. SCAM

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In November 2011 I paid Mr Marcos palacios $4000 to replaced the roof. which he never did. I had to pay about $3000 in roof damages and

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Anybody have any complaints with Amazing Siding and their workmanship? It has been almost 2 years and every since they replace our siding

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I received a check in in the mail for secret shopper i was told to confirm my check was received so i did and i was told to shop at

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Boston Garage Taken advantage of in a major way! Danbury Connecticut!!. My car stalled in the middle of a heavy rain storm. Boston Garage

I ordered embroidery cd’s from them they charged my bill me later account and did not deliver any goods.I tried to use e mail