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FAC provides treatment based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, with a focus on early, intensive behavioral intervention, verbal behavior, and social skills. ABA therapy at FAC is completely individualized. Each program is written to meet the needs of each child. A BCBA designs and oversees the program involving the child’s skills, needs, deficits, interests, as well as family preferences. These are all used to determine treatment goals across different skill areas, everything from daily living skills to communication and language. Goals are adjusted as the child progresses and meetings are regularly with the family.FAC understands that involvement and support of the special needs community is integral. We participate in local community events and provide resource lists of other organizations that support a variety of needs integral to a child’s development. Our unwavering commitment to our clients has earned us the reputation of leading provider of center-based ABA.FAC offers our caregivers continued training opportunities to advance their understanding of the principles of behavior analysis so they may support their child as he/she progresses. We are passionate about the work we do and truly value that families are entrusting us with their child and counting on us to meet their needs for growth and progression.

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