Southern Roots Automotive Services

Southern Roots Automotive Services

Mr. Plemnons contacted me from an ad I placed on craigslist/Lexington Ky for a mechanic that could do engine work. I hired him because he looked legitimate with an auto garage he owned. He had a facebook page with glowing reviews. The first month the car was on his property the engine a local salvage yard sold me, was the wrong one and I had to wait till that was resolved before paying Mr. Plemnons to find me an engine for my car. My problem is not so much with the length of time my car had sat on his lot (nearly 3 months), but it was the plentiful excuses he gave me and his contradictions of his explanations. At no time did he ever inform me that he was selling his business outright and moving back to Florida. I only found out when I looked at the cars section of craigslist and saw two urgent post to sell his business ASAP! When I talked with other mechanics who knew him well, I was told he was moving back to Florida and had quit working on vehicles. And I was told that their business had tripled since he had quit! But he still had my car and was promising to put an engine in! I had paid him a total of $1200 for this; I have all of the receipts. When I confronted him he said he was still staying in the area to help the new mechanic who buys his business. After I contacted the local Sheriff, Mr. Plemnons returned $650 and wrote on the receipt that he ows me $475 (he said he was taking out $125 for going to get the engine he later claimed was bad. Then he also said he was expecting the place that sent him the engine to pick it up. He keeps changing his story). The $650 he gave back on July 24, 2015 and told me he had to wait to give me the balance on Tuesday, because he had to wait till the engine price was credited by to his credit card. (I thought he said he couldn’t find an engine). On Tuesday July 28, 2015 I contacted by text messaging (as he doesn’t had stopped answering my phone calls) and through his facebook pg. He refused to contact and honor his promise to repay me. I could understand if the money had not been credited back to his account, but he never bothered to call or text and let me know this. The mechanics that I was going to hire, inferred that they didn’t think he would pay me. They said he was looking to leave the stated quickly. This means that Mr Pemnons took my money money and promised to make the needed repair, at the same time he was trying to sell his business. I believe that there are laws against fraudulent business practices and what appears to be intent to deceive, because he failed to tell me he was selling his business and moving out of state. He also intentionally did not disclose he had quit working at his place of business. I had to hear this from other mechanics. I had tried going to Mr. Plemnons business, but only twice could I find him there, during business hours. A mechanic in one of the other garage units stated that Mr. Plemnons was in and out and rarely there. To me, it looks like he was trying to stall me until he could get out of the state with my money!. I demand Return of balance of money he stated verbally to me, to witnesses, and in writing me, of $475.. I don’t recommend them

  • #Richard Plemnons
  • #Richard Plemnons

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