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The good reviews of this business must be fake, just like fake news has permeated the news media industry. Any business can hire a firm to create fake (good) reviews. Copy and paste, and discover for yourself. Some companies even pay their employees bonuses to write fake reviews for their businesses. I believe that this is the case with Sporting Smiles. When my teeth whitening kit arrived, I applied the molds to both the upper and lower row. I followed the instructions per the Sporting Smiles video, took the prepaid package to the post office to be mailed and waited. I expected to receive notification that my molds had arrived in their office, but did not. However, after approximately one week, I contacted the company to find out if my molds had arrived and was told yes. It took three weeks for the trays to come back to me. Upon receipt of the trays, washing them and placing into my mouth, I immediately noticed that I had received two sets of the upper trays and no tray for the lower teeth. Subsequently, I contacted the company to bring this error to their attention and was met with a very unprofessional, unapologetic and unforgiving person. This individual insisted that I sent in two molds of only my upper teeth and even sent me a photo of my molds. When I looked at the photo, it revealed a mold for each row of teeth!!! I do not understand how a person who works with teeth all day could confuse the shape of someone’s teeth and then have the nerve to try to convince one that he or she did not know the shape of their own teeth. First, who needs two teeth whitening molds for their upper teeth and none for their lower teeth? Secondly, I have had my teeth for 50 years and know them better than some nasty attitude fool in Minnesota. Again, who whitens only their upper row of teeth and why would a company who specializes in dental products make such a simple mistake and refuse to take responsibility for it? This is insane, and the response from Sporting Smiles was reprehensible. I was told, “you need to call and talk to _____.” The professional way to have responded was with a suggestion, and not a scolding. For example, I am very sorry for the error. Please call our office and ask to speak with the manager. I am sure that this will get corrected as soon as possible. I apologize for any inconvenience that the mistake may have caused you. Rather than the company reaching out to me, I have to keep calling and calling and calling until an employee decides to answer the telephone. Who knows when that will be. Meanwhile, I am stuck with a product that is useless to me.

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