Switched to Stanley Warranty because of the lack of co-payments (although the rate was higher).

After my fridge broke, it took forever to get through to them. Eventually I did, and they actually sent a technician who said he needed to get an approval from the company to replace a broken part (thermostat). After about a week of me trying to get to them, I finally got a hold of a phone operator who did me “a favor” and talked to the administrator. (Previously they transferred my call somewhere – probably to that administrator – and the call got ALWAYS disconnected). So the operator said that the administrator said that they will not be honoring the warranty since it was a pre-existing condition. I guess they spoke with my fridge manufacturer (Whirlpool) and he told them that now they ship fridges with pre-broken thermostats.

Beware of these thieves.. I demand Full money back. Stay away

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