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You’ve been struggling in your personal relationships, you find yourself second-guessing your decisions, you just can’t seem to figure out how to break free from the spot you are in. You’re not happy. Your nagging thoughts don’t seem to stop and they keep you from relaxing. You are struggling at work, not able to focus and find that you second-guess yourself here too. You find your confidence is non-existent, you’re lost. You want to feel calm, more confident in yourself and your relationships, and you want to thrive. I can help you get back on your path and live the life you want to live. As a licensed therapist I know the tools you need in order to overcome your worries and stuck points. Together we will find the root of what is going on, we will shed light on why your thoughts have outstayed their welcome, and we will stop them in their tracks. I strive to understand your stressors and help you voice your needs in a safe space. I know how hard it is to ask for help but the risk of not making a change far outweighs the reward of finally thriving in your life. Put yourself first, reach out and get started today.

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