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You’re a female and you want to learn how to truly live in the moment. Mindfulness, is a practice that can change your life dramatically. You may feel you have been living a life that conflicts with your true essence and most authentic self. You feel like you don’t have a sense of belonging. Deep down, you know something has to change, and you want to believe there is more to experience in life, but you don’t know where to start. You have disconnected from your family and friends. You find yourself living on auto-pilot, with little internal and external awareness. You want to find yourself and create the life you’ve always desired.Imagine how refreshing it would feel to be living a life true to you. You are aligned mentally, physically, and spiritually. You are taking steps of action that are leading you closer to your dreams. As an experienced therapist and personal development author, I am committed to empowering women as they reach their highest potential. At Mindful Living, we believe in the power of love. Mindful Makeover, written by Stephanie, is a 30 day Workbook, and a great tool to help as you begin this journey, it is also available in a Digital Course. This Workbook is available on Amazon. To learn more about the Digital Course, visit our website. Virtual sessions available. Call today! 954-637-3078

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