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I specialize in psycho-educational assessment and psychotherapy for children and adults. I offer all-inclusive services (e.g., consultation, diagnostic testing, learning strategies, tutoring, study skill building, etc.). See my website for details (WWW.CHILDPSYCHOLOGYBOCA.COM). I am dedicated to uncovering intellectual, developmental, emotional and cognitive strengths and weaknesses in order to optimize academic achievement, social and personal success. Academic accommodations may be suggested to help children and young adults minimize the impact of intellectual and learning impairments. Consultation and education provided to school staff and medical professionals regarding the needs of the child, if requested. All communications are kept strictly confidential.Psychological and neuropsychological evaluations assess multiple aspects of mental functioning including the following: Intellectual ability, Academic achievement, Executive skills (e.g., reasoning, problem-solving), Attention and concentration, Learning and memory, Language, Visual-spatial skills, Motor and sensory skills, Mood and personality. Cognitive training targets deficits in executive functioning, memory, language impairments, attention and learning.My goal is to help provide you with the insights and tools you need to move beyond current neurocognitive and psychological limitations by focusing on strengths and resources. Specifically, my services include the following: Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluations, Psychological Assessment, Psychoeducational Testing, Vocational Interest Testing, Cognitive Training and Individual Psychotherapy.

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