Steven James Mersinger Jr

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I prefer to work with clients who are seeking therapy on their own behalf for problems in living such as stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, body image, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and relational conflict. I work very collaboratively with my clients and believe that healing comes through relationships, not handed down on high from a disconnected professional. I love watching my clients self-discover and become empowered to work their own process of healing. I hope with all of my clients – to work myself out of a job.I’m currently working towards higher levels of certification to meet the needs of men and women struggling with sexual addiction in our community. Our center specializes in a structured affair recovery program that we are consistently striving to improve to better serve couples in crisis.I have been burnt out and beaten up in multiple contexts, in previous careers, challenging relationships, and struggles with undiagnosed illness affecting a child. I’ve also found ways to develop resiliency, work holistically, and even work through a diagnosis of OCD to find myself and my family thriving.

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