Convinced me that I needed services that were not covered by coupon. Charged much more than I agreed to.and talked very fast and threw numbers around. Told me that the extra equipment and work would assure that my family would not have health problems due to dirty ducts. In retrospect, my ducts did not seem very dirty in the photos he showed me. And I’m not sure those were pictures of my ducts. He just held his cell phone up to the ducts and took pictures.. I demand Partial money back. I don’t recommend them

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Sean Earwood is a deceitful lying loser scumbag con artist scammer Nuevo Ca.

Theresa Earwood 31501 Nuevo Rd nuevo CA 92567-8929 I rarely write a review on a person. when I do it’s for a good reason. I will outline

Ditech Financial / Green Tree Servicing Complaint

After months and months of trying to get my short sale to go through, my property is going to foreclosure on the 26th of this month. Green

Alder Holdings Complaint

All alarms fell off doors I have called several times to discontinue this it is still being held out of my checking account I can not get Complaint

AWFUL service. I will absolutely never use again. I chose xhtmlchop because they are cheap, and paid the price for it. It’s been 6