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Sunshine Lighting / Sunlite Review

Products don’t live up to expectations and customer service is TERRIBLE! First off, we had forty Sunlite 80511 PAR16 LED 7W GU10 bulbs installed in our new house. All guaranteed to last 50, 000 hours. Well, I am unhappy to say that we had 12 of 40 fail after just one year. For those of you not good with math, there are 8, 760 hours in one year which means if they were left on for the entire year they would still be less than 20% of their life. Well — being an advocate for quality assurance, I contacted Sunshine Lighting and submitted a support ticket thinking there must have been a bad batch or something. This was on October 25th 2019. Then after submitting the support ticket, I get “Do you have an receipt you could attached to the ticket for us to view?”. So being these bulbs were purchased and installed by our electrician and Sunshine Lighting support person Tahirah Dan insisting they were not going to help me one bit until they received a receipt of purchase. So I had my electrician dig up the receipt from the distributor and submitted that to Sunshine Lighting. That was not good enough, they wanted the receipt from the distributor from Sunshine Lighting. So I contact the electrician again to get the receipt from the distributor from Sunshine and they provided it to me. Finally I was now able to establish that they bulbs were in fact in warranty and asked if they wanted them to perform tests or QA on. I received an RMA and return label on November 5th 2019 in which I packaged the bulbs and sent them back to which Tahirah wrote “They want the bulbs back after they receive them they will replace”. Now I did not hear anything and wrote to Sunshine Lighting on January 27, 2020 to ask where my replacement bulbs where and Tahirah informed me they did receive the bulbs and would find out what was going on. Then I received a further email stating “As per the Quotes Manager Credit was giving to 3D Lighting CREDIT NUMBER 40454, they should have contacted the Electrician to come in for new Bulbs the date of the CREDIT was 11/13/19 in the amount of $39.90. I would contact 3D Lighting give them the CREDIT number and have them give you replacement bulbs.”. Now I have never done business with 3D Lighting, so this is just a run around for me. This company not only sells poor quality products, but provides horrific customer service and based on my experience, I would bet many other end users of their products have experienced the same issues, but the process is so terrible that its not worth the trouble. I am here to inform as many people as I can about Sunshine Lighting’s core ethics and customer service in hopes they either fix their issues or go out of business so to prevent other end users from experiencing what I have. I am certain due to the number of bulbs that I personally had fail this is a major issue that they are not owning.

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