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You’re viewing this site, so your journey has already begun. You have taken the first step to creating a more satisfying, powerful and joyful life. I am here to walk with you on this journey as you gain insight about how the patterns of your life were established; how they continue to play out in the present and, most importantly, how to devise and implement strategies for change.Whether burdened by a life situation/transition or the impact of emotional trauma or addiction, we will work to find solutions in an atmosphere of safety and respect. Using a variety of tools (Cognitive-Behavioral, Psychodrama, Family Systems, etc.), we will work to enhance what works in your life and re-work what doesn’t.By drawing on your strengths, you can become more empowered to define and meet your goals, transform troubling relationships, create new wished-for roles in life and live life with greater ease. Call me and let’s take the next step.

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