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Did you know marginalized individuals have higher rates of anxiety and depression? As a fellow queer woman of color, my passion is help women, queer folks and allied individuals find harmony and thrive! I know what it’s like to struggle silently with sadness. I felt that I had to do it all on my own. Well the truth is that you don’t have to drown in depression. Let’s figure it out together. Or perhaps you feel on edge, restless, and stressed out way too often? I know what it’s like; you find it hard to breathe, mind is always going and you rarely feel relaxed. I can teach you an array of skills to help you take your life back! I always say that over thinking the past can lead to depression and overthinking the future can lead to anxiety. That is why my aim is to help you master mindfulness skills so that you can focus on the NOW and break free from sadness and fear. You can tell me anything. Or we can navigate how your body feels through movement exploration and dance therapy. I believe that although not everyone is dealt the same hand in life, each individual has the potential to create the life they want. I believe that true change requires understanding and the willingness to accept. I believe in TRULY listening to each client’s unique story. Am I the right therapist for you? Follow that “gut feeling” and call me today!

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