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Symbol mattress company warrants that this mattress shall be free of manufacturing defects. This is a fraudulent statement. When you attempt to get warranty, the company then claims the mattress shall be free of manufacturing defects, unless it is stained. In other words: it doesn”t matter if the mattress has manufacturing defects, if it is stained. There are 2 seperate issues here: one is the warranty of the bed, irregardless of manufacturing defects, and the other, warranting against manufacturing defects. Any company that sells a defective product, that was sold with the assurrance that it had no defect, and refuses to make restitution, is guilty of theft. Secondly, the company is to state what is the required covering on the mattress. Our son sweat one night when his fever broke, causing a stain on the mattress. Symbol informed us: tough luck! You have no warranty, either on the bed or on the manufacturing defect. My 150 lb son has been sleeping on this mattress about a year. It looks like there has been a 500 lb person sleeping on it for a year. It has more than a 2 inch hollow in its center. This warranty is designed to mislead the unwary. Fool me once, shame on you. Anybody that has any questions, call me: [protected]. The above is based on information and belief.

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  1. Narcisa Chenet
    June 16, 2020

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