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Welcome! You’ve taken the first important step towards a new you. Are you having problems in your relationship, do you feel like you keep having the same argument over and over or having sexual issues with your partner? Are you experiencing anxiety or depression & want to work towards feeling happier/ less stressed? I’d love to help you work through these issues. I am a creative therapist whose goal is to build stronger families that stay together. I aim to empower, elevate, and educate clients by helping assist them in accessing their own internal capabilities, inner resources of strength, creativity, insight and healing. I have years of experience helping those needing couples therapy, communication skills, new behavior patterns, coping skills, etc. I provide holistic therapy which involves listening, weekly homework , offering insight, researching the best practices, use of music, art, mediation and many other interventions my clients may use to reach their goals. I would love to hear from you and you are welcome to contact me via email or phone call. My life’s passion is help clients build the best versions of themselves. It’s already within you. I simply help you recognize and improve it. Are you ready to get started? I’m available Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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