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I am passionate about returning joy to families and relationships. We often give our loved ones the worst of ourselves: the frustrated, checked out, and exhausted from daily schedules self. Even with the best of intentions we can fall into unhealthy patterns that are damaging to our relationships. Whether working with couples or children and parents, I work to reengage, educate, and improve attachments. I particularly enjoy helping adolescents through their constantly changing developmental stages. I believe that engaging adolescents in therapy with creative and dynamic activities is essential to success. Adolescents are encouraged to build on their own strengths to improve functioning and feelings of self worth. During my education I worked with children displaying symptoms consistent with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and participated in research involving early childhood development, and parenting strategies, published in the Journal of Early Education and Development. I have also worked with 211 (Community Helpline and Crisis Hotline), and the National Suicide

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