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Respected Sir, With a Great pain, I am writing this mail you, My name is Walter Prince Wilson(Emp ID -610040) I joined Tech Mahindra on 14th Feb, 2018 as an Associate in Noida with a zeal to do something.. and just after 3 months working there I was picked up for the role of a aux trainer on my performance, then as a trainer I took batches and was a top performer there and I proved myself as a great resource to the company.. but as the batches got over and the Sr manager Raghu (Operations) asked the training team to release me, then they released me, Raghu sir seen my talent and performance and not asked me to go back to agent level, but as a SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT, that was ok, because I was aux trainer as per the business requirements I started working as SME, their also I worked hard and I was managing whole team, maintaining their scores and then Suddenly Sr manager went away and Manager Ramanjeet Singh then asked me to go to agent level as I was not documented Trainer and SME, I told him that I cannot work on Agent level because I trained these Associates and its about self respect and I said I wont continue and then Training Manager Partho Sir called me up that Prince you are such a great resource to company and you did a outstanding performance as Aux Trainer, Its about 3 months after that IJPs will be called up and you apply for that, and definitely you will get selected, because you carry that skills, as I respected him a lot and came to know how things work, because he supported me alot when I trainer, on his request I went to my manager Ramanjit Singh sir, requesting him that I want to continue as a agent, no issues and I said sorry to him, but he called HR that after the HR session I will retain you and we three Had a session and HR said that you will be issued warning letter without any reason, and per the company”s policy, then i requested Ramanjit sir that sir please do not issue me warning letter because it will be valid for 3 months and I have to apply for IJP, but he said no worries this wont impact IJP, I begged him but he didn”t listen. And HR was also not listening and there was no ground to issue me warning letter, it”s just to stop me from getting promoted, Sir your intervention is required because If I get warning letter I wont continue because I worked hard and proved an Asset to the company and nobody is helping me and Ramanjeet sir I don”t know why he is doing like this to me and not only me he treats everyone like this only . You should intervene and you will came to know what he is doing, he is such a demotivating man, never appreciate and tries to demotivate everyone under him, you do enquiry for that, He does not carry Manager qualities and he is deteriorating the Image of Tech Mahindra, because of his behavior i am hurted alot because I learned alot from tech Mahindra. Sir till the time I do not get justice I won”t be joining Tech Mahindra, that”s why I wrote to you, because No one is helping, HR team also supporting him, because he has influence. Please Help me . Regards, Prince Ph-[protected]

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  1. Kathlene Vegar
    June 16, 2020
  2. Troy Lanphere
    June 16, 2020

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