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I offer discreet, confidential personal consultation on a very wide variety of important life issues and concerns. My ideal client is an independent intelligent adult who recognizes the extraordinary value of being able to consult a seasoned professional without the complications that can occur in discussing such matters with family, friends, or business associates. When you require safe, impartial, confidential communication that is convenient for you, do what successful CEO’s have been doing for a long time – consult a professional, talk it over, get the clarity, confidence and perspective you need to move forward more effectively in your life.I am experienced in many traditional methods, including cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as more recently developed rapid treatment methods, including NLP, EMDR, EFT and energy psychology. My greatest talent is in getting quickly and accurately to the essence of the matter, knowing what to do about it, and how.My clients find me easy to talk to, open-minded, non-judging, kind, clear, insightful, understanding, compassionate, helpful, and wise. I intend to limit my practice to a small number of select clients so that I can be flexible, more attuned, more attentive and more responsive to your particular needs.

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