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The American Legion Complaint

COMMANDER: RUDY “COACH” AVELAR, is running the Post and the name of the American Legion straight into the ground. He believes Post 241 is his personal playground and the money brought in is for his own use to pay off his personal debts. How can anyone get elected COMMANDER when he can”t handle his own finances or his personal life. In the past several years he has been arrested in Riverside County, has filed bankruptcy, has had several Federal Tax Liens against him, several evictions and a judgment against him from an ex-landlord. He sexually disrespects all of the female bartenders, cheated on his wife with two of them in the past 6 months, allowed his finance officer Steve to physically knock a guest to the floor and did nothing about it. He himself attempted to charge after another guest in the parking lot intending to beat him but was stopped by another member. A long-time bartender was seen on camera stealing money from the office safe and he did nothing about it, no doubt because she knows what he does and she could blackmail him. The bartender who took money from the safe has also been stealing from the register every time she works a function, the Commander has proven it and yet, he has done nothing about it. The post is losing hundreds of dollars with every hall rental. The commander was also seen by myself and several other members purchasing a stolen pressure washer inside the bar, when he didn”t have enough cash on him to pay the thief, he took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the Post Juke Box and took the all the cash out of it and paid him. The commander has surrounded himself with all the officers he has chosen, new members, who he uses as his puppets. One of these new members, only became a member 6 months ago and the Commander has paid for his election into the position of 2nd Vice, Bar Committee and a place on the E-Board, 18th District, this person is on disability for mental issues. He and his officers are daily customers in the Post bar from opening to closing, drinking straight alcohol and pitcher after pitcher of beer until way past closing. The Post recently underwent a complete remodel in the back hall and although he agreed to the estimate given to him by the contractors when the job was complete, the commander refused to pay them. A special meeting had to be called to vote on rather or not to pay them, everyone voted yes and no one could understand why he refused to pay? The contractors gave the Post a $2, 000.00 veteran discount but still, the only way the commander would pay them was if the contractor took an additional $3500.00 off of their bill, which was not what was agreed to when the original estimate was discussed. . The commander also recently fired two bartenders, the first one because he was done sleeping with her and the latest one because she wouldn”t sleep with him. He has blatantly spoken about the bartender”s private parts out loud, so the entire bar could hear him. The kitchen and bar are overrun with *** Roaches and Gnats and rats that have chewed through the syrup lines, the Pepsi company has repaired them over and over again, but he still refuses to get an exterminator for the rats. Upstairs, the roof is leaking, either from rain or the air conditioning unit, and the Commanders solution is to place pots and pans under the dripping water, pots, and pan that no one empties out, so they overflow, it”s caused mildew and black mold in the carpet and wood. This list could go on and on as Post 241 has endless problems with it. I have been a member there for the past 6 years and I have never seen it in such need of cleaning and repair. The Commander needs to be replaced along with all of his officers. It”s the most unprofessional Post I have ever walked into and I am in the midst of changing my membership over to a different Post. Two last things I should mention… one is that when they sell food out of the Roach infested kitchen, much of it is cooked at various peoples houses and then brought in and heated up. I happen to know that this is not tolerated by the health department unless each of those kitchens has been inspected and have a permit to do so. And lastly, when the latest bartender was fired, I suggested she go file for unemployment, she informed me that they were all paid cash. The commander has not been paying taxes on any of the 5 bartenders he employs, this bartender has been here about a year, but others have been paid under the table for as long as 15-18 years. I AM CERTAIN THIS COMPLAINT WILL GO NO WHERE AND NOTHING WILL BE DONE TO RUDY AVELAR AND HIS PUPPET OFFICERS, WHICH IS WHY I AM SENDING THIS SAME LIST OF COMPLAINTS TO THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT, THE I.R.S., THE LABOR BOARD, THE AMERICAN LEGION 18TH DISTRICT and to ANY OTHER ORGANIZATIONS I CAN THINK OF THAT WILL MAKE THIS SO-CALLED MAN ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS UNLAWFUL, SELFISH, UN-VETERAN LIKE BEHAVIOR AND HOPEFULLY WILL HAVE CRIMINAL CHARGES BROUGHT AGAINST HIM FOR STEALING MONEY FROM THE POST TO PAY OFF HIS ENDLESS PAST DEBTS.

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