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This owner came to our company wanting signs and graphics for his Landscaping Outfit. We gave him an Estiment in wich he agreed and we require money down to start design, He used his credit card by phone and our designer started process, he inturn started adding and wanting more coverage wich inturn would be more money, well that is when we relized we were dealing with a rip off artist that wanted everything for nothing. He kept our designer so tied up with changes that he refused to pay for. It states in our invoice additional changes in design that excead time will be added. He refused, and so our nightmare began, Our installer went to install some lettering on his dump trucks that were SUPPOSE to be washed and ready and he spent the whole day waiting and did we charge hom NO, Then we ask him to bring them to us and he never called or showed up.Did we charge him for wasted time and money NO. Then he disputed all charges once we were finally done and recevied all his money back!RIP OFF ARTISTIC GROUP IS WHAT THEY ARE!

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