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Today I visited my local store with my young daughter. She hadn”t been very well all morning but i needed to pop for some milk after taken my other children to school. My daughter was in her buggy when all of a sudden she began to be sick. Most of it went down the front of her but some went onto the floor. A friend who was also shopping in the shop at the same time pointed it out to me so I immediately asked a member of staff for some tissue if possible so I could clean it up. She seemed to sulk even tho I apologised a few times. I cleaned the floor and disposed of the tissue into a bag.. my friend gave me wipes for my daughter. I then proceeded to the counted and thanked another member of staff for the tissue and once again apolised. My daughter had been sick a little on a packet of crisps that she had been holding until I paid for them and the member of staff that took the crisps from the basket made me feel so embarrassed as I apoligised once again explaining that if I”d known there was anything on the packet I wouldve cleaned them with the wipes I got off my friend and warned the staff. The member off staff began to make reaching noises in front of other customers and myself.. I will certainly never shop in that shop again when them member of staff are working as they made me feel like it was my fault my daughter was poorly and I was very embarrassed. .

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