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The Company Corporation *** AVOID / BEWARE *** Deceptive Billing Practices. Biling Fraud. Wilmington, Delaware I registered a business license through CorpAmerica, another name for The Company Corporation that try to acquire payments from their clients through means of fraud. I had no idea how truly fraudulent this company is. This is how their deliberate scam works: 1. You register your license under one of their many DBA names. I registered mine through Corp America, Inc., Telephone: [protected], Their other DBA names: Corporate Agents, Inc. The Company Corp. The United State Corporation Company CorpAmerica Registered Agent Authority InstaCorp 2. You are provided with a link to download your business license, and you are instructed that you are not allowed to use their registered agent or their address as your representative, or contact for business activities. Now comes the scam: The name then changes from CorpAmerica to The Company Corporation (2711 Centerville Rd., Suite 400 Wilmington Delaware 19808, Phone: [protected], Under this “new” name CorpAmerica will try to collect payments – illegally – from you. All other business notifications are issued in the name of CorpAmerica. In this way CorpAmerica does not fall under the radar and new customers will not know that the company is really operating a form of consumer fraud. 3. One year later you will start getting odd “Registered Agent” invoices ranging from $230 or more from The Company Corporation, not CorpAmerica. You are then demanded to pay for “Statutory Representation”. You have no choice to decline to not pay. And lets not forget that when you registered your license through CorpAmerica you were NOT ALLOWED to use them as your “representatives” in any communication. 4. From then onwards The Company Corporation (alisa CorpAmerica, Instacorp, Incorporate, Corporate Agens, etc) will keep billing you and demand a payment of services you never signed up for and don”t even want. If you object and refuse to pay they send your account to debt collection proceedings! Oh, but the scam gets even worse. You DO have an option to NOT continue paying. That is, if you pay them a “cancellation fee”. So hear this out: you are billed for a service you never signed up for in the first place, you are threatened with debt collection proceedings to ruin your credit if you don”t comply, but you can cancel if you want but only if you pay a cancellation fee to a service you never had in the first place… Its a deliberate scam from start to finish. You are not obligated to use their services if you don”t want to. Any matters related to your business license is between you and the State of Delaware – not between you and CorpAmerica/The Company Corporation. 4. This is the notice they will send you when they try to bill you illegally (no contact name is issued in the notice) “Thank you for your message. According to the Secretary of State”s records, this company is still active and has not been formally dissolved. In order to discontinue Registered Agent service and any invoices for which the coverage period has not yet begun, we will need you to send a copy of the official evidence of your dissolution filing, stamped and approved by the Secretary of State, to our office. This documentation can be emailed or faxed to us at [protected]. The Company Corporation can assist in a formal dissolution filing if you wish. We charge a service fee of $125.00 in addition to the state fees. If you would like to place an order, we begin the process with a nonrefundable $50.00 deposit to prepare the fee breakdown and paperwork for you. Please feel free to contact one of our Business Specialists at [protected] or [protected] to place an order. You can also contact the state directly to verify this at [protected]. We thank you for your business.” 5. They have over 100 complaints filed against them with the BBB:… 20/20 recently reported that companies BUY their rating from the BBB: In spite of 100 complaints made against The Company Corporation the BBB continues giving them an A+ rating! Unbelievable. *Note since I revealed this scam operation, The Company Corporation suddenly issued a public notice on their website that “CorpAmerica is now a part of The Company Corporation”. ** The Company Corporation has been trying to contact me to “resolve issues”. I am not available for bribery: this company operates a scam to lure money by pushing fake invoices onto their customers. *** A complaint has been filed with the FTC against The Company Corporation/Corp America and their illegal business practices.

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  1. Colin Poths
    June 17, 2020
  2. Paulita Skyles
    June 17, 2020

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