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the court advocate for this program as well as the social worker lied on my special needs son. My son was part of the mental health department his social worker and I confided a lot of things in reference to my son she turned on my son. The social worker know that my son has delays in special needs she got mad when I spoke up for my son he only dealt with mental health for most of his time there however his social worker Ms Kelsey Purcell lied and said I threatened to sue the whole place and that nobody wants to work with my son because of me the court Advocate Ms debralee Johnson told my son lawyer this big fat lie. My son was remanded in court on July 31st based on this lie then I was told a slew of different stories. however the social worker told my son before the 4th of July vacation not to come back until she returned from vacation but she was setting him up. other people were railroad it in this program now my son is doing to years base doing these people is but they will not get away with it. I spoke to other people from fortune Society date afflicted in pretended they were going to help have my son affiliate with a mental health program. That is what they were supposed to do he had a therapist there but the therapist Mister Jeff decided to go in cahoots and then lied to the court therapist and said nothing is wrong with my son. Meanwhile they know my son is suicidal they know all the things with my son this people thought they were teach me a lesson but through the grace of God I am going to make sure these people lose their job. My son was brainwashed all the way up until September 17th and when he had his court date they sent instance he was supposed to get sentence to a mental health program but nobody from fortune Society represented my son may commit suicide but I am here to still fight I pray they close places like this down

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