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Today i played the ohio lottery and around 8:05 i checked my numbers on the phone and some different numbers showed up for the pick3 pick4 andall the rest of the nimbers accept the pick5. It was still showing midday instead of evening drawings. Then i waited until about 8: 20 then checked on my phone again and the numbers were different again for the evening and the pick5 finally showed the winning numbers for the evening today which i matched 4 of the numbers. It took them very long to put the numbers up for the evening then they switched the numbers twice because they seen i had won today. The ohio lottery is cheating and they are not letting the winning numbers come out the are replacing them with numbers that are not winners. I couldn’t believe how they switched the numbers tonight for the pick3 pick4 and pick5. I no why i had the winning numbers for the pick3 and pick5. Stop cheating we the people play fair when wr play so should yall. Im sick of this cheating stuff. Yall aready rich why not play fair stop switching the numbers and let the winning come out.

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  1. Synthia Manser
    June 14, 2020

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