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Purchased 3 tires from Pepboys on 04/14/2018. Came in to buy 2 tires, but a third tire that I purchased from them 2 months prior needed to be replaced. Got the 3 tires replaced and they tried to get me to pay for the third tire that I had just purchased 2 months prior until I advised them that I had purchased a warranty on that tire. They would not have checked for that or prorated the purchase of a new tire if I had not said anything. So after i paid for the tires, I start to leave the Pepboys parking lot enter the street. As I come to a stop at the edge of the parking lot before going into the street as there is traffic, I heard this clunking around my car. Next thing I notice is two of my centerpieces of my rims flying into the middle street where they were ran over by oncoming traffic. I backed my vehicle up and when inside. I informed the manager on duty at the time, he came out and looked at my car, apologized to me and told me his staff was having trouble putting my centerpieces on, but allowed me to drive my car with them not securely on my vehicle. Manager tells me he is going to order a new set of centerpieces and would call when they came. This was 04/04/2018. It is now 06/08/2018 and I have not received a call from Pepboys regarding my centerpieces. I have been over there on 4 different occassions and been told that they don”t control the dealerships inventory. Which I find funny, because I have been to the local Plano Hyundai dealership and they have the centerpieces in stock and they are available online. I placed a complaint with Pepboys under case #568466 on 04/21/2018 and was told the Plano, Texas District Manager George was supposed to call me on 04/23/2018. It is now 06/08/2018 and I haven”t heard from George. Now I am left to get the Attorney General involved, the Better Business Bureau involved and Small Claims Court involved. Very poor service. No professionalism and no follow up.

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