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I ordered an email and telephone contact list to market my offering to on 06/02/2014 for $250. The list subject was “unemployed Americans”. The list was to contain Names, Email addresses and Telephone numbers.

The list that they sent to me out of the first 21 names had the following results

12 disconnected numbers

04 wrong numbers

04 numbers that just kept ringing

01 person who’s wife stated her husband had been dead 5 years.

I spot checked the rest of the list with similar results.

The fact is at the time they asked for the $250 for that particular list they had no such list available and they just sent an arbitrary and out dated list to say they sent “a list”..

I contacted Ellen Greenfield at The Data Boutique and she resent the same list with the names rearranged. I demanded a refund and the Data Boutique refused. Also this transaction occurred on 6/02/14. They kept BSing me around until 06/16/2014 when I finally said I will take it up with my credit card company.

I’m putting a fraud claim through to my CC company.

P.S. Ellen Greenfield of the Data Boutique has costumers Fax an authorization to charge the credit card. I should have been more suspicious…20/20 hindsight.. I demand Refund. I don’t recommend them

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