Theresa Corey Hair Stylist

Theresa Corey Hair Stylist

Theresa Corey advertises all over the internet as a hair expansionist with years of experience and proclaims that she is /was a hair instructor for Paul Mitchel School Of Hair. However, whether she was or not is remained to be known. When calling the school they show no record of her ever instructing at their school. I paid Ms Corey 160.00 to come to my home on November 25th to install hair extensions and by the next day half of the weft she installed came out while at the grocery store. The tubes completely slid out and did not require the opening of the tubes to remove. They simply slid out with absolute ease. She had three opportunities to come and fix the problem, and she was a no show all three times! She illegally goes into consumers homes and performs a service that is a direct violation against the California State Of Barbering and Cosmetology. She has no experience in installing hair extensions and is borderline neurotic in personality. Steer very clear of this person. I have had to call the Police on her.. I demand Full refund of 160.00. Stay away

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