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C.H.A.R.T. your course for a better future! C – Change is challenging, difficult many times, and can be frustrating. Many people seek therapy because of feeling stuck, distressed, and see little hope for change. H – Hope – rekindling hope that with hard work positive changes can take place. A – Affirm – positive affirmation fosters a better outlook, combats self-criticism, counters negative self-talk and provides momentum. R – Resilience – change is usually uneven with possible setbacks along the way. Preparation and managing expectations can reduce impacts and discouragement so clients can stay on course.T – Thriving – as change occurs it grow in unexpected ways. The barriers are identified, addressed and the clients thrive as they move forward on their new charted course for the future. With over 25 years of clinical experience, I have worked with a variety of populations ranging from young children and their families to seniors. I have learned that three essential elements are critical to the therapeutic process. 1) Developing a strong therapeutic alliance. 2) Case conceptualization . 3) Developing an individualized intervention.

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