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These guys are liers! They promise things and then don”t follow through with fulfilling their promises. They are rude, they have no ethics or integrity. They are unprofessional! I”m not sure how a company can keep these types of characters around. I purchased a car there and without a doubt my car was under repair longer than it was in my possession. I happened to be only a few days out of warranty, and I was advised after paying the diagnostic fee, that the vehicle need a new part, I asked the tech if there was anything they could do for me since my car had ran correctly since I got it, *stalling, sputtering, check engine lights on. The tech then trickled me to BO. Very grungy, shirt not tucked in, very arrogant, but yet advised me that he can absolutely replace the part I needed at Thriftys cost. I was reluctant of what he was saying, but he assured me just like any part time crook, no problem. He told me to talk to Mario to schedule me in to leave the car for the repair. Four days later, Mario calls me to advise me that the vehicle was done. He told me to come in right away, I then, went to pick up my car and I was given a bill in which showed an amount owed. Clearly I told him that that wasnt correct and advised him that Bo said it would be replaced at Thriftys cost, guess what…”Mario then advised me yes, the part would be replaced at Thriftys cost, the cost in which they get the part for from there parts dealer, I was mislead and force to pay the cost. I could have taken my business elsewhere. I then again tried to see if they would meet me half way after speaking to Bo, he then he trickled me down to his GM Dan. No hesitation from Dan he came to me and told me “unfortunately theres nothing I can do” and assured me it wasnt his fault that I was right outside the warranty(while lighting a cigarette). I was a little irate, and Dan immediately threaten to have me forceably removed by calling the cops, and advice me that I was to leave. Bo Rasoi (Sales Manager) just happens to be Dan”s brother (General Manager) one is just husky and the other just so happens to look like he plays for the opposite side of the field, if you get what i mean… Are these the types of people you want to do business with??? BEWARE!!! in fact in doing some research one of the two brothers has an extensive PUBLIC criminal record in hillsborough county. You be the judge. FYI – flgirl is in all the complaint boards having to do with thrifty…wonder why, lol its their sister, yes thats right, a female version of Bo, the only pathetic person defending these crooks. P.S. sunshine yes you flgirl Get well soon …

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