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What if you could feel better during your first session? I help people who have survived sexual violence, childhood abuse and other disturbing situations (whether remembered or not) feel more at ease and more empowered using Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). I usually schedule two hours for a session so I can make sure you leave happy with what we’ve accomplished. Symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and depression are reduced, sometimes completely gone within a few sessions or less. RRT is also effective for guilt, resentment, grief racing thoughts – anything where emotions or thoughts have been in the way.Clients report feeling lighter and unburdened even though they can easily recall what had been disturbing, they experience it differently. Using RRT, I can access a deep level of mind functioning. RRT multi-level communication and processes quickly and painlessly clear out the root causes of most problems. Imagine after a session feeling completely different than when you walked in! RRT creates such positive experiences for my clients (and me!) that I have dedicated my career to providing RRT as well as teaching and promoting it. If you are interested in discussing whether RRT is the best fit for you, contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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