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To the Director Dear Sir, This is to inform you and bring to your attention that we are a registered trading company in Dubai UAE engaged in export and import of metals and other commodities, a serious case of criminal fraud which has been committed by a supplier in Tianjin province of China. We were interacting with a Chinese company …Tianjin auorilai trading co ltd…for the supply of Premium Aluminum ingots 99.7% Grade A 150 MT to supply to our buyers in Italy. The terms were as per contract attached to this letter with all other supporting documents, we visited the sellers office and warehouse to check the materials on 10th and also on 21st of October 2016, on physically seeing the material and verifying all the documents provided to use we signed the said contract and the sellers also got the document registered by the CCPIT ( China council for the Promotion of trade and commerce ). After the Documents were attested we transfered the 20% advance the sum of 36000 US DOLLAR to them via TT bank transfer to there corporate bank account provided buy the seller against which they were to start loading the cargo on the 26th of October at the Tiangin port of China. On the date of delivery we waited for the whole day and the cargo did not reach the port and we missed the loading date and time provided by our shipping company, on trying to contact the seller and their main key Representative for a explanation we learnt that all their phones were unreachable and their office had a lock and they were absconding with our money. On approaching the CCPIT and the local police we were told that they both cannot help till we give them a sum of 50000 RMB in advance for them to look the case with no guarantee for recover. This is found very unethical and decided not to pay them and had to return back to Dubai as our visas were only for a month and we needed to leave China before our visas expired. We have not heard from the suppliers yet from that date and we are very anxious, The reason we have approached you is to bring to your attention this injustice that we have faced and to heed your advice to the path further. If you would be so kind as to review all the papers and documents and kindly let us know what course of action we can take further and to be able to prosecute the criminals and recover our money. Documents Attached. 1. Scanned copy of the contract and agreement attested by the CCPIT. 2. Full details of the sellers company and representatives with mobile numbers and websites etc. 3. Scanned copy of receipt of payment transferred to their corporate account. 4. Pictures of the perpetrators with all details etc. I will look forward to your positive feedback and kind advise and if there is any other details you need please let me know so I can send you immediately. Warm Regards

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