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When I had recently chose the option of using Tippu Sultan Travels / Welcome Travels, the staff and booking agents were very harsh in their behavior and talks when I was running almost late to reach the bus before its starting time. However, I had reached the bus by 8:45, and the departure time was 8:45. Calls were made to my mobile since I was running due to heavy traffic, which is actually the procedure for a travel company to enquire, but the way they talked was unethical, they had used words like “enna EZHAVUKKU anga nikkireenga ?” Despite all these, the bus was not able to come completely come out of Chennai Contract Carriage Bus Stand before 9:45 and could not even move out of Koyambedu before 10:15. Neither did anyone then apologize or explain for the delay nor did the drivers of the bus have the courtesy to speak in a way they needed to talk. When my friend had to board the bus at Perungalathur, I had told the driver “there comes my friend he will get in” never did I tell him to stop immediately or did I say it too many times, But the reaction the driver gave me was “ethuvom sir ethuvom sir… inga naangale RTO vanthirukkaanu papers kaatittu irukkom.. ithula neenga vera.. ethuvom sir ethuvom sir.” The reaction was as if I had continuously told him to stop stop stop and as though finally out of frustration he had given me the answer, although I had told him only once that there comes my friend!!! If people in the service side of the industry behave in such a way, I do not have an answer how to go on that way. So I consider to give everyone a warning before choosing Tippu Sultan Travels as your carrier since I have had a very bad experience from them. There have been a couple of times wherein the bus had been late and reached its destination late, but never have I had an unethical talks or experience like this one at Tippu Sultan Travels which made me write on this board.

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