Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams [TTD]

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams [TTD] Review

Really this cannot be called as temple any more, Staff are god because for there worst behavior, I had been with my Mom and Mentally challenged my brother, with my husband and 2 kids one is 3yrs girl baby and 7yrs son. I took my mom for Senior citizen queue and my husband was taking care of my brother ( Mentally challenged). The so called rude staff, was pushing senior citizen after checking documents, When my turn came he saw my mother senior citizen ship card and she is 67yrs has both knee problem not able to walk properly. He pushed my out with my 3yrs old baby, Its was heavily raining outside me and my daughter where standing and both where draining fully .. when my husband was allowed he saw us and he requested that person to send me to darshan and he will go out, that waste fellow who is least bother about any body, he did not allow, finally my mom was not able to stand he tried to push her out from gate towards me. But she begged him immediately he pushed my husband out in rain and allowed me. Never god has told to do all this but so called TTD staff employee are doing this including ladies. I felt very bad for my husband he was standing in the rain and watching for us whether we go safe. I being lady i have take care of 2kids, mom, handicap brother more over had met with an accident 4 months back and had leg surgery done . With all this difficulty i took them for biometric after the it was raining heavily they pushed us in one shelter place. One devil type of staff came with TT and he was telling to get in to TT for people for darshan shed (a jail) he was so rude my god you can never ever expect, he was pushing people like one waste luggage. when i questioned him he rudely replied me Who r u to question me? get down from the Van? If you want to complaint you can go and complaint ? I can handle it. This all happened from 9.30 to 11.30am. Just think over how safe there are if something happened any person there are responsible After that they throwed us in one shed till 3.00pm. After that really i saw god live how people pushing along with that staff also will push think of my situation 2kids, aged mom, handicap brother whom should i take care of? My husband did not find 300/- darshan . He went to normal darshan and he was back around 12.00pm till that i have to take care of all this. Why we have do all this? Only for seeing god ..and they way of language they use It is nightmare, Hey rara, pora very low level language . Who ever is answerable please teach your staff to behave properly with people. Nobody is begging them they are beggars who have come to do job and gettting paid from our money, But they act as if they have owned us. I want answer for this the pain which i have taken who will take? Do not think i will leave this here it self i will escalate to Media, Public until i get justice. Government should take some action toward this illegal treatment . It is human harassment. I had mobile 100% i would have taken video so what they have planned this and banned mobile.

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    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020
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    June 14, 2020
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    June 13, 2020

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