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As a psychologist I have several goals in therapy. I begin by developing a relationship with my patients, with the understanding that I am an expert in my field, but that the patient is the expert on themselves. I believe in educating my patients and empowering them to take charge of their lives and take responsibility for improving their situation. I teach coping skills, largely using cognitive behavioral techniques and by having patients practice by doing “homework”. In addition, I explore a patient’s history and past relationships, but only after first managing their distress in the moment.I can speak “both languages” of male and female, and aid in understanding relationship dynamics. This helps in my work with women and couples. I have found particular success working with women’s self-esteem, anxiety and relationship issues. You gain an objective male perspective.I work in a large group with several other clinicians. The benefit to patients is that if I am unable to accommodate an appointment time or if a patient has issues that I don’t treat, one of my colleagues will likely be able to assist.

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