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Have you found yourself overwhelmed after taking care of everything and everyone else’s needs instead of your own? Do you feel frustrated trying to balance your life and relationships with work and other important obligations? Have you began to feel nothing you do is ever good enough? Has this imbalance in your life started to cause you to have poor sleep, anxiety, depression or even overuse of alcohol and substances? If so, you are not alone and I can help? You’ll receive a comfortable empathetic session where we will work together finding healthy options to address your concernsI’m a board certified psychiatrist which means that in addition to formulating a diagnosis or providing therapy, I can also prescribe medications to treat multiple conditions including substance abuse As a medical doctor, I’d be able to consider whether a medical condition is likely responsible for your symptomsI welcome all patients But, I have specific experience addressing the specific challenges associated with certain uniquely stressful professions including but not limited to medical professionals, executives, lawyers, and first responders If you’re seeking mental health, alcohol or substance abuse treatment in a discreet setting, schedule today

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