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Most of my clients are intelligent, spiritual and insightful, seeking enlightenment, peace and love. Many have existential problems, leftover hurts and traumas from childhood, low self-esteem. I have seen many victims of sexual abuse and other traumas. We move through understanding responsibility, forgiving self and others, and ultimately moving to self acceptance. I recommend meditation to all of my clients for the purpose of achieving peace, self discovery, learning to love and to connect with something much larger than the self (call it what you will). I am a certified sex therapist and also practice hypnosis. My specialties include Sex Therapy, Couples, Hypnosis, Anxiety, Depression Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness. I treat the both the mind and body, and I honor to the spirituality of my patients, as well. I focus on helping people achieve positive solutions and adaptations to their life circumstances.I have been privileged by all of the people who have entrusted their mental/spiritual wellness to me. I’m here to listen, to really hear you, hold your hand and walk with you thru the darkness until we find the light.

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