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These guys are a joke! I bought some CD’s from FYE a couple years ago, and they suckered me into the magazine subscription game. I didn’t realize they were charging me every 6 months for maxim magazine, till now. I’ve tried canceling many times, but they somehow keep it going. On top of that, I get these calls from different numbers at all hours of the day, most call and there’s nobody on the other line! And if there is someone, they try and hustle me to buy more magazines! Drive me up the wall!!! I’ve asked them multiple times to cancel the magazine and take my number off their list, but to no avail. I just canceled it through their stupid automated system (whoever invented it should be shot!), so hopfully this will work. What really set me off is thismorning I got 3 calls from their tellemarketers and the third call someone (a real person), responded and inquired about the magazine. I told him “cancel the ###ing magazine” and he told me to watch my language and hung up on me!!! At this point, I’m ###ing pissed… These guys suck. I’m never going to FYE again to buy music or anything. They’re a big cooperate ###fest connected with companies like Transworld Entertainment, and driving local music stores out of business! ### them! Anyone else?

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