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Transam Associates Complaint

Attention all recession clobbered, out work, just trying to make the bills get paid people out there, I got ripped off, and it could yhappen to you. I made the mistake of signing up to be trained to become a Medical Transcriptionist with these people, if you can call them that. the people running Transan Associates are, surprise surprise, SCAM ARTISTS! Like many others out there, I was searching for a way to make an honest living at home through the use of my computer and was contacted by Transam Associates via a Yahoo Hot Jobs Alert. These sub-human blood suckers offered me free training to become a Medical Transcriptionist, provided I pay for their software (MtProfessional) kit. I am not exactly internet savvy, but am also not stupid, and was just looking for legitimate work at home. I fell victim to their prey at first and put their software kit on ‘layaway’ and sent them $100 bucks. I didnt get an instant receipt right away like you should with any internet purchase, so I immeadiately got sick to my stomach knowing that I had probably just made a huge stupid mistake. I investigated, and sure enough I was right, and found out through blogs and the BBB that they are not legit. I tried calling these people and they wouldn’t even acknowledge that they were who they claimed to be on the net, and told me that I kept dialing the wrong number, even though the number was clearly listed on my phone, and I had gotten their MtProfessional voicemail a few times before a live person finally picked up. She was unwilling to admit it was them and tried to tell me I was dialing wrong. I was given the ol blow off run around. I was ripped off and am writing a report to help any other individuals from having the same thing happen to them by these SCAMMERS.

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