This is a letter I just sent Groupon concerning Travel by Jen- Hello Groupon, I just wanted to write and let you know about my recent experience with a travel agency I found on Groupon called Travel By Jen. My husband and I purchased a trip to Costa Rica via groupon by Travel by Jen. We called the number on the groupon and ended up purchasing the trip over the phone so I never received any sort of actual groupon for the trip. However, the trip was called Groupon 88: Costa Rica Volcano and Beach Getaway with Canopy Tour, Car and Air. The day my husband and I called to book the trip was great! The woman we spoke with, Sasha, was very polite and answered all our questions and was wonderful. She then charged my card for the trip cost and that was the end of any and all customer service. Dealing with this company after the initial phone call was an absolute nightmare. They do not answer their phone after that first call. I don”t know how they know but they somehow know not to bother with a caller who”s already paid them. They absolutely will not return voicemails. The only way we could get any response from Sasha was to send her an email and days later when we got a response, she would only answer the questions she wanted to answer and didn”t acknowledge the rest. The day my husband and I booked the trip we were told we had 24 hours to make any changes to our reservation. A few hours after hanging up the phone we decided we wanted to change our return flight to another airport…another airport in another country…so a big change. Within 12 hours after we booked our trip we called Sasha. And called Sasha. And called Sasha. To no avail we called Sasha. We couldn”t get anyone to answer the phone nor return our voice messages. FINALLY Sasha calls us back and says we will have to pay around 500 additional dollars per ticket to change our return flight. I reminded Sasha that she told us we could make changes within 24 hours. At that point it had been more than 24 hours because we couldn”t get anyone on the phone to talk to us. I told her this. Which she already knew of course. You”d think she would apologize to a paying customer for her mistake and laziness yet instead all she said was that she would check with the airlines and see if there was anything she could do. 3 days or so later, we finally got her on the phone again and she informed us that it would be an additional 400 dollars per ticket to change our return flight and that was that. No apology for not being able to adequately do her job. Nothing. So, this meant that my husband and I had to make our way back to Costa Rica from Panama to fly back home. Which was a lot of time and effort. But what was done was done. So, the day before we leave I decide to email Sasha with a question about our canopy tour- the one that is included in our groupon. I noticed in my travel documents that it says canopy tour however there are no other details. Of course Sasha doesn”t get back to me for 4 days. In the mean time, we arrive at our first hotel in Arenal and I ask the front desk if they have a canopy tour scheduled for us. They have no idea what I”m talking about. So again I email Sasha. No reply. By the time we get to our second hotel in Manuel Antonio 3 nights later, she finally replies and informs me that she will do what she can to set up a canopy tour for us however we were suppose to go on the tour in Arenal. I told her that I asked the front desk in Arenal about said tour however they had zero information on it…because she had never set it up. She then told me that if I was so concerned about it then why didn”t I get the front desk to call their local travel agency partner there about it. Really? Not only did I not even have any information for this supposed local agency out there, but it is not my job to track down someone to plan a tour that I already paid someone else to plan for me. That was HER job. That is what I paid a lot of money for THEM to do. I am on vacation. I am not going to waste my time tracking unknown people down via unknown numbers. But Once again, no apology from Sasha. Not her problem. So finally by the last afternoon we are there-we were there 4 days and 3 nights- she emails me and says that the local travel agent will be calling us at our hotel to set up the canopy tour. Calling us when? I don”t know. Just anytime. Whenever. So you know what that means? That means in order to catch this persons call we would have to sit by our hotel phone until this person decided to call. The first time she called we missed her bc we went and got lunch at the hotel bar. Did she leave any sort or message with a phone number? Or course not. All she said was that she would call back. Well, it was our last day there so I wasn”t about to waste my hard earned vacation sitting in my room waiting for a call from someone who was clearly as inept as Sasha. I sent Sasha one last email asking her WHY this woman was calling me at my hotel instead of emailing me being that was the mode of communication that I had been using to communicate with Sasha the entire time and the only mode that made any sense other than directly calling me. Once again, zero reply from Sasha. So we never got to do the canopy tour that was included in the package we paid for and Sasha made sure to let me know it wasn”t possible to reimburse us for that cost. With no apology, of course. After getting home I googled Travel By Jen and read all the terrible reviews. Day late and a dollar short right. That was my mistake. One that I will never make again. We also met a group of ten or so people from Chattanooga while we were there who had also purchased the same groupon from Travel By Jen and who also had a nightmare of a time with them. They worked with Samantha. However they actually got in touch with Samantha while they were there via telephone and got her to give them the information for their canopy tour…bc it was of course not set up like it was suppose to be when they arrived. So all this is to say, it would be my opinion that Groupon is way too good of a company to work with these incompetent people. And when I say iincompetent I mean a complete idiot could do the quality job they did. I did all the math myself after I booked this trip as well. They boasted a $400 or 40% savings. Don”t ask me where they got that number bc after doing the math which included the same flight, car, and hotel, it was a $20 difference. So clearly a $20 savings is no where NEAR a savings worth having to deal with these people. They want your money and that”s it. They have zero pride in their job and have probably never heard of customer service. Which is kind of a big deal when it comes to being a travel agent. So, that”s about it. Thank you Groupon for being the type of company that strives to be better than just the bare minimum. Companies like Travel by Jen make me appreciate the quality ones just that much more. Sincerely, Summer B

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