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I specialize in treating adults who have been impacted by childhood or adult trauma. My work has spanned 25 years, and focused on trauma in its many forms. I began by treating women, and their children, who were subjected to domestic violence. I have taught trauma courses at SUNY Buffalo’s Graduate School of Social Work; and spoken nationally on the impact of trauma and the pathways to recovery. As the author of “The Power of Story”, and “Season of the Fallen Sun”, readers can fully understand the insidious ways that trauma and grief alter the quality of their life.My work has allowed me to help people see how the trauma’s of yesterday can silently, yet powerfully, join with the new traumas of today. People can become reactive to something in present day, that “should be” simple. Historical trauma needs to be healed and witnessed, not buried away!As a therapist treating trauma for over two decades, I was well equipped to meet the needs of my traumatized clients. In 2007, after the death of my youngest child, I became uniquely prepared to “walk the walk” of healing, with the people I serve.

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