Trust Cash Apply

Trust Cash Apply

Initial Phone Call stating apology for wrong extension number. Request for confirmation of $200 Moneypak as proof can pay back loan. A bunch of authorizations to refund money but only paying interest on loan. Stating the other scam company got the next $380 Moneypak and there is nothing that can be done. Only talk to John Nixon, but he puts Mike on the phone to collect $395 insurance Moneypak. Loan documents sent to email from email [email protected] as hard evidence to get insurance out of me, but conflicting dates and details in the loan. Questions and insinuations that Roy is not apart of the company. No way to cancel, no way to get the money pak, try and make arrangements for insurance in two days time. Disconnects when I state both are scams and long time answering my return calls and call backs. Keep switching the calls to others and saying each person is a different team and department and cannot produce Roy or John and when they do the voices are distinctly different.. I demand Why Not Tell Me of all Fees Upfront if not a scam, Cancel The Loan, and give back the money loaded on the Moneypak. Stay away

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