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Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Review

Re. Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving I, and my friends – a couple – moved in August using this company. We moved a week apart into a house that we share in Toronto. Apart from various horrors like turning up late, inexperienced staff, damaging a piano, not being able to fit a third of my friends” goods on the truck, I found out a week ago that the company double-billed all of us for the balance of each of our moving bills. I went to the company”s office last week and confronted the accounting person, Julie Blake. After an hour and a half on the phone with MasterCard, TD Bank and MasterCard again I got my money back plus saw what their scam is. It boils down to a loophole that they are taking advantage of. The moving company has something called a TD Freedom 4 terminal which they use to post all their credit card sales to their TD bank. The day after my move, they put through the balance owing on my move through their Freedom 4 terminal to TD and ultimately to MasterCard. This is all clearly recorded on their credit card sales printouts for each day. However, the day of the move, one of the men who moved me had me sign a credit card slip for the balance, he then phoned in for an authorisation number. That should have been that and then the credit card slip should be posted the next day as they did. But, I found out that there are two different telephone numbers that can be used to get an authorisation number. If you have the Freedom 4 terminal you are supposed to use one number that gives you authorisation only. If you use the other number, it will give you authorisation PLUS it puts the request through as a billing. The movers were using the “wrong” number so that a billing would go through in a way that doesn”t show up on the regular posting records for the next day. Thus, the company can say to me – which they did – look, there is no record of a second billing…you have to go back to the credit card company and sort it out. Then they have that 35 – to 60 days to hang onto your money until things get “sorted” in a credit card company disput process. Or, some people might not check their account closely and never see the double billing. My friends got their money back this week. I think that this was only because of our connection as friends and Julie”s fear that I realized what they are up to. She is probably hoping that we”re off her back! I did report all of this to MasterCard security. In a previous call to a MasterCard customer service person – Rick – I was told that his department had been noticing a pattern of billing complaints for the last nine months regarding Two Small Men.

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