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The worst experience of my life. Have been building on this house since the first of August 09 and they cannot seem to fix everything that is wrong with this house. The first lie was when they say we will keep you informed of everything and each step in the construction. LIE. Next Lie is how and where they will bring electic to your house before you get electric hooked up. They will put the breaker box wherever they want and expect you to pay the difference in pulling the wire from meter to the house. The house has cracks in every corner from the tap and bedding. Instead of putting double switches in rooms the put two single switches and made one for the fan and one for the light, left the plug outlet outside the wall under the sink not flush in the wall marked on with a magic marker. Forgot to run electic to end of bar so they just ran the wire through the cabnets. Miss cut for plumbing under the sinks so just covered it up with a piece of board. I don”t think this house will even pass code inspection. You try to get ahold of the corporate office and it takes three weeks and me leaving a message on every extension in the building before someone will call back. They will always take the side of the office building the home. I go to the sherman office to talk about our electric situation and the first words out of their mouth was I don”t know how man times we have to tell you we are not resposible for the electric and needless to say our conversation got very heated after, it put me on the defensive real quick. We had our septic system put in and one of their workers not even an electrician direct wired the septic without a disconect switch. They will not tell us who wired our house so we are not even sure it was an electrician who did it. I know that if I ever conducted business like this I would be fired or my business would go belly up. I really don”t think they could tell the truth even if they wanted to. The best advise I can give anyone looking to build is go with Jim Walters these people are a bunch of crooks that will take you down payment and build how they want and then tell you its not their problem. This is only a small list of what we have found wrong. I am not paying this much money to live in a piece of crap house that is supposed to be new.

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  1. Shawnee Chiesa
    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020

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