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RE: SAX000627 – 3/6/19 Vacation Club Purchased based on stating future nites would only be $87/nite but when I called, was over $300 for same resort that was promised to be ONLY $87. – 3/16/19 Vacation Club cancelled over phone. Told “Someone would call me back to complete.” No call! Phone bill with proof of call available. – 3/17/19 Received email and I responded I cancelled. Again, proof I cancelled the day before but I am not in the scam business and did not know I had to have an actual letter of confirmation. – 3/20/19 No response until 3/20 saying my account is active. – Disputed credit card and lost because I don’t have cancellation letter. Unlimted Vacation Club response to dispute, ” Customer cancelled on 3/17/19 and needed to cancel on 3/16/19. I have this for proof as well and all emails. INCREDIBLE. I was scammed again. – 7/16/19- I am being harassed for money and threatened court, legal action, and promises of credit ruin if I don’t pay further monies ASAP! I have asked and asked for corporate contact to assist in resolving this and have not been provided the information requested until today 7/16/19 but incomplete so I have to do more search. Haha. Just called the customer number I found for the “corporate address”, 9450 Sunset Dr., Miami, FL 33173 and the CSR says no corporate officers even go to that building and that it is only customer service. I want my $1180 back and harassment for further money collections to stop! I have been scammed and am continuously harassed by these people threatening bad credit and collections unless I pay them more $. I Not only HAVE not RECEIVED ANYTHING FOR the money they stole from me at the presentation, I had a horrible vacation on the resort that was clearly only 2 stars. It was not what I booked as BookVip changed the resort after I paid. Yup, said it was full and a comparable resort would be provided. NOT TRUE. HOLE IN THE WALL was substituted. In addition, I lost 1/2 day of my valuable vacation time with my dying son. (YUP 1/2 day, NOT 90 minutes) Then, I get back home to learn I have been scammed with false expectations then again when I cancelled and they did not call me back to complete the cancellation, which apparently was the last day! I am appauld at this company taking advantage of Americans. It’s not enough to scam someone out of $1, 180 and go your way but to continue to harass and threaten for more. The last email I received was hostile and said “This is the 4th notice and threatening credit issue without payment”… Unethical representatives. I request: 1- Return of funds paid for false reporting and representation 2- Formal cancellation letter and apology 3- Removal of my information from all data bases and harassing emails to stop.

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