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Life is unpredictable, often throwing us off course when we least expect it. Bouncing back from disappointment and difficulty can sometimes feel overwhelming. We are not always able to change our outer circumstances, however, we do have the power to change our response to difficulties. Being flexible in our response allows us to shift out of our automatic, habitual and quick reactivity into a more skillful response. Engaging in therapy can help with facing those challenges with a positive, healthy mind set. The healthier our mind, the healthier our relationships will be.My goal is to bring a safe, supportive and mindful presence to your current experience, allowing you to cultivate self-acceptance and self-compassion and the ability to notice distressing events without reacting. My approach to treatment is client-centered and rooted in the science of compassion, mindfulness and acceptance.I have been working with clients in Lee County for 17 years and have experience in working on addressing a variety of concerns. I am currently accepting new clients, I look forward to taking this journey with you. Please call for an appointment.

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