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This company have served me with an extremely strong worded email implying that I have misused their website in some way and have suspended my account. They have not given a clear reason for this and their responses have been heavily templates meaning that they are either irrelevant to my original request, or they are unclear and inaccurate. I contacted the support service of ValuedOpinion Surveys as I noticed I was no longer receiving surveys to complete. This issue occurred immediately after I redeemed my first $20 reward. I questioned the issue, then the timing of the 2 events after I received 2 responses that gave me no clarification whatsoever as to why this was happening to my account. I had noticed that the survey offers became slower and more irregular when I was getting close to achieving my first reward and wondered whether or not this was part of their strategy. I was receiving 3-4 email offers to complete surveys everyday when I signed up, sometimes more. When I actively started participating and my rewards points accumulated the communication and availability of surveys dropped off, then I finally got to my $20 reward and I have had no offers or emails at all for 6 weeks. I did redeem my $20 voucher and had no issue with it when I used it at the store I chose, however but I have no other option than to assume that once they have you and give you a little reward, they restrict you but continue to share your survey and personal data, as most of the surveys drop cookies. I have received another email from VAluedOpinion support team this morning and it is very strongly worded, but unclear, telling me they have investigated my account and as such they are suspending it, and that they take breaches very seriously. I have rwsponded advising I have acted in full accordance with T&Cs and that I would register a formal complaint. I firmly believe that they have not acted according to their own policies and have not delivered in their promises to offer a certain amount of surveys in return for a certain amount of rewards each month, and I believe they are using my data for profit benefits even though my account is suspended. Please advise next steps

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  1. Gabriel Lai
    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020

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